Train Conveying Football Fans Catches Fire (Photo)

A train conveying hundreds of football fans at the Bellevue train station in Berlin, Germany, over the weekend caught fire.

According to Mirror UK, the incident took place on Saturday night.

It was reported that the incident happened while special train service was carrying supporters of SC Freiburg from the far south-west of the country back home after the Bundesliga game with the capital’s FC Union Berlin.

The home team won the match 2-0 at Stadion An der Alten Försterei.

The spokesperson of fire service while confirming the incident told Mirror UK that one carriage got burnt.

“Shortly after the start of the return journey, a fire developed in one of the wagons”

“All passengers have left the train,” wrote a spokesman for SC Freiburg.

train1 - Train Conveying Football Fans Catches Fire (Photo)

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