[PHOTO] Man ‘Resurrected’ By South African Pastor Alph Lukau Dies

man resurrected dies - [PHOTO] Man ‘Resurrected’ By South African Pastor Alph Lukau DiesSouth African based Zimbabwean Brighton Moyo, who was controversially raised from the dead by South African Pastor Alph Lukau in February, has died for real.

According to reports, Moyo died last week in St Luke’s South Africa and was buried this past Saturday.

Moyo’s relative who spoke to the media divulged that he succumbed after having a persistent stomach swelling which did not stop for three days.

He allegedly finally died on the third day.

Moyo is survived by a wife.

He came to the spotlight in February when he was caught on camera being resurrected by Pastor Lukau.

Pastor Lukau raised allegedly ‘raised him’ from the dead right outside his church as thousands of believers looked on.

At the time, it was reported that Moyo was still in the hearse when one of the church members shouted “Pastor, something is happening outside.”

Once he was outside, Pastor Lukau ordered that the “dead man” is taken out of the hearse and on to a table. Still in the coffin, the man dressed in all white was laid on the table as the man of God prayed for him.

According to the “deceased’s” landlady, Moyo had died on Friday after coughing for a long while. They took him to the hospital but could not be admitted because he did not have with him the “right papers”. He would later allegedly pass on.

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