Obasanjo Reveals Who Saved Him From Being Killed During 1976 Coup

Obasanjo 2 300x169 - Obasanjo Reveals Who Saved Him From Being Killed During 1976 Coup

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Sunday, disclosed how General Olu Bajowa (Rtd), saved him from being killed during a military coup in February 13, 1976.

The elder statesman noted that he was saved by Bajowa from the bullets of Lieutenant Colonel Buka Dimka.

Obasanjo while speaking at Igbotako in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State during the celebration of the 80th birthday of Gen. Bajowa, said “When Dimka coup came, if Olu had not been what and what he is, I would have gone with the coup.

Narrating how he was saved, Obasanjo said “I want to say something about Olu. Either he knew it or he didn’t not know. He had a child, a boy, and wanted to name the child after me. He had to call me early in the morning, that morning that Dimka struck.”

“And because Olu said he was coming, I had to wait a little bit. I waited beyond the time I would have gone out. Olu then came, he made the request and I granted the request”.

“So, I was a little bit late in going on the route that I normally took to work. And Reinumuje went ahead of me and they thought it was me and they shot his car. They shot his car, Murtala was shot.”

Obasanjo emphasized that Bajowa being a performing soldier made him draft him to lead the 11 Battalion during the nation’s civil war.

Meanwhile, Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, has disclosed why he toppled the democratically elected government of former President, late Alhaji Shehu Shagari, to emerge as the military Head of State between December 1983 and August 1985.

Buhari who happens to be the General Officer Commanding of the Third Armoured Division in Jos, Plateau State, at the time noted that he led a “revolution” in Nigeria because of the staggering corruption, insecurity and indiscipline in the government.

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