Noble Igwe Celebrates Wife On Anniversary, Narrates How They Met

Yesterday, Noble Igwe, founder of 360nobs, and his wife Chioma celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

Igwe has therefore taken to social media and narrate an interesting tale on how they met.

“Two people who were not born in the same house get together to get married and start learning how to live together as husband and wife.

“For some people, they go from husband and wife to parents, for others, they stay just husband and wife.

“Years ago, we didn’t know one another, today we are parents but that’s not our biggest accomplishment.
“Our biggest and best decision was coming together in love, learning to navigate this tough life together as one, helping one another to reach new heights while striving to be the best parents.
“Chioma, I am not perfect but in the next 87 lives to come,I want to do this with you.
“Happy Anniversary,love.
“You are worth more than Gold, so manage the recharge card I sent.

In another post, Noble shared the BBM chats from when they first met.

Meeting Chioma.
It was a Friday afternoon and I was at work when my brother-in-law called;
Ned: Yo Nobs, something just crossed my mind. I think you’d like my cousin, she’s based in the UK but she’s totally your type. Let me ask her if it’s okay to give you her BBM pin.
Nobs : Okay, sure but don’t make it look like I’m asking oO
Ned: She’s a babe and she grew up in Aba too.
Nobs : Ngwanu.
Ned gave me Chioma’s pin, I added her, she accepted but I didn’t say anything.
SAT Morning:
Chioma: Who’s this?
Nobs: Hey, Sorry my name is Noble and Ned gave me your pin but if you are not cool with me adding you, I’d just delete myself.
Chioma: I think it would have been better to introduce yourself after adding me.
Nobs: I’m sorry, my name is Noble Igwe.
Chioma: Please what’s your real name?
It was that moment I knew she wasn’t going to be an easy fry.
This picture was her BBM display picture and I saved it.

See photos below:

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