NECO Releases Results Of Common Entrance Examination

neco 300x176 - NECO Releases Results Of Common Entrance Examination

Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education, on Monday disclosed that the 2020 National Common Entrance Examination results is out.

The Minister noted 24,416 candidates passed, scoring a minimum of 66.

Adamu while speaking at a press conference states that the total carrying capacity of the 110 unity colleges which stood at 26,625 had added additional 720 slots.

According to the minister, the overall best student is Umeonyiagu Crucifixio, an indigene of Anambra, who scored 199 out of 200.

As has been the tradition for decades, the admission criteria include 60 per cent on merit, 30 per cent based on states’ representation in the unity colleges and the remaining 10 per cent covers other sundry considerations.

“Consequently, in this year’s admission, the 60 per cent merit-based admission will come first, followed by the 30 per cent equality of states and 10 per cent discretion.”

“I have, therefore, directed that within 72 hours of the receipt of the results, all principals are to complete both the merit-based (60 percent) and the 30 percent of equity of states’ admission.”

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