‘It Is A Stone Age Mentality’ – Bishop Oyedepo Slams Controversial Social Media Bill

David Oyedepo, founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, on Saturday, December 7, 2019 said it is archaic to attempt regulating social media.

Speaking at the annual convention of his church in Canaanland, Otta, in Ogun State, Oyedepo said what is needed instead, is regulation of “hate act” which he says is worse.

The social media bill, which has scaled second reading at senate, has been condemned by many Nigerians as an attempt to clamp down on free speech.

“They are looking for hate speech, they are not looking for hate act. Which one is worse, hate speech or hate act?” Oyedepo asked.

“They’ll see somebody and cut his head and you’re free and they’ll see somebody and say you’re stupid then you die.

“Can you imagine that? It is a stone age mentality. But I think we’re free from it now, but there is nothing wrong in trying to make attempt. Do they think we are all dummies?”

He said if a government is performing below expectation, it is the duty of the citizens to so say.

He asked the congregation if the government of President Muhammadu Buhari was doing well and they chorused “no”.

“What education do you have, where did you get it from that you want to bamboozle everybody?” he asked.

“You’re not doing well, you’re not doing well. They must tell you you’re not doing well. Hear me, please hear me and answer me, is this government doing well?”

The church’s convention, Shiloh, took place between December 3 to December7, 2019. It had over 1 million participants worldwide, of which 55 countries were represented at Canaanland, the church’s headquarters.

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