Indonesia Commence Digging Of 6000 Graves

images 60 300x180 - Indonesia Commence Digging Of 6000 Graves

At least 6,000 additional graves for COVID-19 victims have been dug by the Indonesian authorities.

The burial site, which spreads across a two-hectare plot of land, is located at the Rorotan public cemetery in the northern part of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.

The country is the worst hit in Southeast Asia, with Jakarta, its capital as the epicentre of COVID-19.

Speaking to newsmen, Hari Nugroho, head of Jakarta Bina Marga road agency, said the administration is preparing the land bcause the deaths resulting from COVID-19 have continued to increase.

He noted that the project which commenced on September 17 will finish in December, while adding that the construction progress for the project is currently at four percent.

We’re preparing the land and building a road to access the cemetery. Construction progress is at 4 percent,” he said.

We expect this 2-hectare burial space to accommodate 6,000 funerals.”


images 59 - Indonesia Commence Digging Of 6000 Gravesimages 60 - Indonesia Commence Digging Of 6000 Graves

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