Dagrin: Nigerians Pays Tribute An Unforgettable Indigenous Rap Star

Today marked the day when one of Nigerians finest Indigenous Rap Star, Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun better known as Dagrin died mysteriously nine years ago through a ghastly vehicle accident.

Dagrin prior to his death was a street rapper from Ogun state whose music won over the heats of many Nigerians.

Meet Dagrin

Born on October 25, 1987, Dagrin was known for rapping in his native language, Yoruba, although there are arguments in some quarters as to who originally started this style of rap between him and Lord of Ajasa.

In 2010, his album C.E.O., meaning Chief Executive Omo’ta, won the Hip Hop world Award for a best rap album.

A song off the album contained lyrics where the singer predicted his death, titled ‘If I Die’, saw the rapper feeling sombre and calling on his fans not to cry for him if he died.

“If I die make you no cry for me,” the lyrics went.

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