Cleric Advise Southwest Governors On Operation Amotekun

Amotekun 1 300x167 - Cleric Advise Southwest Governors On Operation Amotekun

Prophet Sam Olu Alo of the Christ Apostolic Church has called on Southwest governors to enact laws in their states to back the establishment of Operation Amotekun.

The clergyman in his statement advised the six Southwest Governors to spell out the terms of reference and mode of operation of the security outfit.

Alo warned against using the security outfit for a political purpose or to witch hunt perceived political opponents.

The prophet while speaking in Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State, called on religious leaders stop criticising political leaders without telling them the heart of God.

He said, “Laws should be enacted by the southwest governors against the abuse of the outfit. It must not used to settle political or promote sectionalism, tribalism anybody found wanting should be made to face the music.”

“It must also be sustained by successive government across the state. The fact that the only PDP governor in Southwest showed that Amotekun formation was not political. But the most important thing is that Nigeria must return to God.”

“Transformation of this country starts from the church and mosques. Pastors and Alfas must not only criticize those at the helm of affairs but speak the heart of God to them.”

“Amotekun will begin on a good note but things may go wrong along the line. We must seek God’s great love in this country. It was designed to stem the tide of kidnapping, banditry and other crimes in the region.”

“Rivalry, segregation and bad blood may rise against it because those perpetrating those unwholesome activities for which it was formed to fight are not only Yoruba’s, but other tribes like Ibo, Hausa and even the south are also involved in it and maybe thinking it was to be used against them”.

Alo while speaking on the planned electricity tariff hike urged the National Assembly to stop the move until there is an improvement in the supply.

“I am not against an increase in the tariff of electricity in the country but if Nigeria is getting what they are paying for they will not oppose the proposed increase.”

“People pay a lot for electricity, water and gas in developed countries but only paid for the services rendered to them. Things seem not working because of the lopsided laws which seem to be favouring the rich at the expense of the poor”.

The prophet who spoke on the crisis between the United States and Iran said it was a sign of end time and the fulfilment of the word of God

He noted that breaking up Nigeria is not the solution to the situations affecting the country.

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