Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) Gives The Future Leaders of Africa Amazing Opportunities

The future of Africa is looking stronger than ever as the young leaders immerse themselves in life-altering courses to steer their homelands into uncharted success.    

One of the most talked-about constituent parts of COFI is the Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF). There has never been such an impactful and ground-breaking NGO that is underpinning the achievements of African nations. The aim of the Future African Leaders Foundation takes the desire of young people to do something significant in society and gives them a platform to achieve this.

FALF has empowered young leaders from the ages of 16-23 from across many African countries with grants to develop various individual initiatives that have impacted more than 500 communities in 23 African countries. These numbers show the breadth of outreach made possible through this lively COFI agency. 

At a recent press conference, Deacon Sylvester Eghodaghe revealed that 15 million Africans have been impacted in the 1.2 million projects registered and completed through FALF. A significant majority of these projects are ongoing as they are developed on a sustainable basis. With innovation and motivation on this scale then Africa has a bright future. 

Leadership Initiative Awards

In having an organized structure, ideas are brought forth. Awards motivate the participants and they can see their development. This award scheme is aimed at addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Members of FALF can work with the other constituent members of COFI. The Inner-City Mission works towards the goal of ‘No Poverty’, ‘Zero Hunger’, and to provide ‘Quality Education.’ Through education and outreach Trauma Care Foundation International provides quality medical care with the aim of achieving Universal Health Care.

How COFI gives volunteering opportunities to develop leadership skills

image2 - Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) Gives The Future Leaders of Africa Amazing Opportunities

Ready for school with all the materials needed for success

In line with sustainable goal 17, working with a partner no only ‘revitalizes the global partnership for sustainable development’ but it also adds to its impact. FALA Award winner Hanson Hanson from Nigeria sent 2,000 children Back To School. The “Back to School Campaign” is an initiative from the Inner-City Mission. This initiative provides essentials such as uniforms, school supplies and paying school fees for indigent children. Many of the FALF volunteers send children back to school. 

Many of them develop the idea of providing quality education even further. Daniel Johnson Fernandez a FALA winner from the Benin Republic has worked with an organization called ‘VIP World’ where they brokered a campaign deterring students from peer pressure where they reached out and impacted 1000 students.  

Kennedy Wesonga took the initiative in yet another direction when he established the Ken Makarios School in Kenya. This school teaches students practical skills that lead to employment in areas such as plumbing, masonry and computer technology.

Medical missions and outreach projects

Many of the world’s poorest communities do not have access to medical care. A FALA winner from Angola saw that there was an increasing problem caused by a malaria outbreak. What FALF engender is a facility to provide a solution. Xavier Tambiavula contributed significantly to the Malaria Combat Program of Northern Angola providing 3 million mosquito nets for distribution. 

There are many levels at which to tackle sustainable medical care. Edgar Mwila raised $35,000 to send doctors to medical school. This FALA winner has ensured that there are 13 more doctors in Zambia able to treat patients and save lives.

In volunteering as a first respond operator Rufaro Mutyamaenza was able to help 60,000 of her fellow Zimbabweans. She was able to help the relief program which was necessary after the devastation left after Cyclone Idai. This level of proactive care is fostered in all the NGOs that are part of COFI.

Humanitarian aid

unnamed - Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) Gives The Future Leaders of Africa Amazing Opportunities

Some of the supplies destined to feed the hungry

The Inner-City Mission will mobilize its volunteers and travel to areas that need emergency help and aid. The Hope Street Mission has traveled to places like India, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria to help when natural and manmade disasters struck. 

Star Prize Winner Babiene Heline Eweni traveled from her native Cameroon to visit refugees from the Anglophone Crisis who are living in IDP camps in Nigeria. She was able to reach out to 8,000 refugees and distribute food, medicine, and school materials to those living there. 

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation is changing lives on a global scale. In motivating its partner organizations to work together there is a significant and sustainable impact. Its crowning glory is the Future African Leaders Foundation. As it was brought to fruition by visionary leader Chris Oyakhilome who understands the valuable role that young leaders are to play there is certainly a huge change in the way strategic leadership will be formed across Africa.

Working in partnership with communities and businesses will keep the impetus rolling. If you would like to find out further information about how to get involved send an email to Visit the Future African Leaders Foundation website and see how to sign up for your project that will impact your community. You may wish to partner one of the COFI NGO’s such as the Inner-City Mission.

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