Cardi B Speaks About Nigeria

International rapper, Cardi B, has revealed how she misses Nigeria and took to her Instastory to share a photo of herself wearing a green and white outfit she wore for her performance in Lagos.

She captioned it; “Missing Nigeria”.

here is the Picture of the instastory

Cardi B - Cardi B Speaks About Nigeria


There’s no doubt she enjoyed her stay in Nigeria and couldn’t get enough of the culture.

Cardi Instagram stories was about how lovely and enjoyable Nigeria is and how industrious and hardworking Nigerians are.

 like this country a lot and the reason is because you find everything you are looking for, this country has tourism like you wanna go to beaches and relax with your husband, your wife, they have them,” she said. “If you are looking for people with culture, how people make a living how they are living, you have them. Everybody is busy, everyone is going to a place, the street is always crowded.

She was welcomed at a strip club with a cocktail of lap dances from exotic dancers and was also given a Nigerian name (Chioma B).



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