Buhari Breaking The Law For Keeping Service Chiefs – Shekarau

Ibrahim Shekarau 300x176 - Buhari Breaking The Law For Keeping Service Chiefs – Shekarau

Ibrahim Shekarau, the senator representing Kano central, on Thursday noted that President Muhammadu Buhari is breaking the law by keeping service chiefs beyond their years of service.

Nigerians and prominent individuals had called on the President to sack his service chiefs due to the level of insecurity in the country.

Shekarau while speaking on Channels TV noted that it is wrong for the President to keep service chiefs beyond 60 years of age or when they complete 35 years of service.

He also described them as public servants and insisted they must be treated as such.

“He (Buhari) is breaking the law. The law says if you are 60 you must go, it is so automatic. If you are 35 years of service, you must go.”

“In fact, they are not staff of the president, they are the staff of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and there is a rule. It is just like in the civil service.”

“If you are an ordinary civil servant and you hit 60 years, automatically you must go.”

“The president hasn’t the right to extend beyond what the law says, that is the rule of law.”

“The issue of this sacking of the service chief; it has been on for almost two to three years now. There is one point I think the presidency is missing and the public has not been brought on to it.”

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