Benue: Pastor Killed Over Missing Male Organ

Daudu Uhembe Jacob 600x375 1 300x188 - Benue: Pastor Killed Over Missing Male Organ

Pastor Uhembe Jacob of the Divine Shadow Church, Saudi, has been killed by angry youths over his alleged hand in missing of male organ in the community.

The had been reports of missing male genital organ in Saudi for the past two weeks.

It was reported that Youths in the community went on rampage and set the house of Pastor Uhembe Jacob ablaze last Tuesday.

The cleric was accused of being behind the missing organ.

It was reported that the cleric had been acting as a pastor to pray and heal those who had their organs removed.

Further report had it that while the burning of houses was going on, Pastor Jacob attempted to escape in his vehicle.

But as he drove towards Lafia road in Nassarawa state, youths caught up and killed him.

His body was found in the bush on Friday.

The incident has seen some residents loyal to the pastor staged a peaceful demonstration on Sunday while displaying his poster.

Benue Police Command has deployed anti- riot police team to forestall break down of law and order.

The incident was confirmed by the command spokesperson, Kate Aneene.

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